Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest



The Only Bed with Clinically Proven Health Benefits

In a clinical study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, owners reported significant improvements in mobility and significant reductions in joint pain.. Unlike other “orthopedic” dog beds, this bed is proven to boost the quality of life for dogs.

1 Year Trial – Love it or your money back

Try it for 1 full year. If using this bed doesn’t improve your dog’s mobility, energy, or quality of life, let us know. We’ll send a 100% refund and pay for FedEx to bring it back. If your dog doesn’t experience a significant benefit from using our beds, you won’t pay!

10 Year Warranty

Sick & tired of dog beds that flatten like pancakes? Us too! That’s why we use 3 layers of handcrafted American-Made foam, uniquely engineered to support the pressure curves of large dogs. If your foam sinks or sags anytime in the next 10 years, we’ll replace it for free.

Made In The U.S.A

 American made foam for two reasons: 1. It allows us to protect you with our industry-leading 10 year “Can’t flatten, Won’t flatten” warranty 2. It’s safer for dogs to sleep on. This particular foam is certified by CertiPUR-US® to meet their rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability.



How fast will my bed ship?

Almost all orders ship same-day or within 1 business day of your order.

All orders ship via Ground Shipping by default, which can take anywhere from 1-5 business days to arrive at your door, depending on how far you live from the warehouse.

What if my dog won’t use the bed?

While most dogs love the bed right away, it’s not uncommon for some dogs to take up to a few weeks before getting used to their new bed. Almost all dogs fall in love with the bed, it just takes some dogs longer than others.

And if it never happens, it’s ok! You have a full 365 days to try the bed in your home. If for any reason, you or your dog don’t love it, we’ll happily take it back and issue a full 100% refund.

Let us know if you need some tips on getting your dog acclimated to their new bed, we’ll be happy to help!

What is your return policy?

You can test drive your dog’s new bed in your home for a full 365 days. Anytime within that year, if either you or your dog is anything less than thrilled and 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order to our warehouse for a full & friendly refund or exchange. We also believe that in order to have the best possible shopping experience, our customers should not have to pay for domestic return shipping. So if for whatever reason you’re not thrilled with your order, just contact us, and we’ll send a prepaid shipping label. With Big Fido Style’s 365 day return policy on this particular item, there are no special catches or exceptions. We’re not even picky about the condition of the bed you’re returning. We want to make sure your dog has a chance to use it, break it in, and give it a good test drive. It’s perfectly ok if it comes back with some hair or drool marks! A full 100% refund will be issued for all returns received in acceptable condition. The only beds we can not take back are beds with stains, rips, or tears. Note: Our return policy only applies to orders placed directly with Big Fido Style. To take advantage of Big Fido Style 1 year risk free trial, guaranteed free shipping and returns, order with us directly.

Is the bed chew-proof?

Our covers are made from a microsuede fabric that’s normally used in high end couches, it’s chosen because it feels very soft to the touch, washes easily, and makes a bed that will look great in your house. It’s a strong material, much stronger than cotton, but it can be chewed through. Put it this way… if your dog could tear through a couch, they could tear through one of our beds too. We don’t recommend our beds for dogs with a history of destructive chewing.

However – we don’t get many reports of chewed up beds. That’s partially because we do a great job of hiding the zipper and sewing the seams properly, which eliminates some of the fun things to chew on! Also, we find that dogs are less likely to chew into a big sturdy block of foam than a bag of fluff that can be nested and moved around.

Is it waterproof?

The microsuede covers are water-resistant, but not 100% waterproof. Things like drool, licking, happy squirts, or a damp dog coming in from the rain will NOT get through the fabric because our microsuede is a very tightly woven fabric, so the “pores” are very very tiny and will prevent most moisture from penetrating. However – if you spilled a glass of water on the cover and let it sit for a long time, it WILL get through.

We do have 100% waterproof liners available as an accessory. We highly recommend the waterproof liners if your dog has house training or bladder issues.

What style bed is best for my dog?

The Sleek Edition is built for maximum sprawl space. Great for long legged dogs that like to stretch. Or for sharing with multiple dogs at once.

The Sofa Edition is made for dogs that like to sleep while cuddling or sleep while leaning their backs against something will love this bed. Some dogs feel more protected when their bed has raised sides (like a den!) to provide a sense of safety.

The Headrest Edition is our most popular model because it’s the best of both worlds. It has a large sleep surface and also the single bolster for dogs to lean against or lay their heads on.


Microsuede Covers

Machine washable. Wash on cold, tumble dry.

Our microsuede also does not shrink. As long as you wash on cold and tumble dry, they can be washed 1,000 times and they will not shrink. They’re also very easy to take on and off. Most dog beds just zip on a single side, but we use a zipper around 3 full sides.

Cleaning the Foam

The foam can be cleaned, but it’s a bit more hassle than washing the cover. If there’s ever an accident or a spill on the foam, what you want to do is soak the affected area thoroughly with warm water and dish soap. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Then press out as much moisture as you can. Do not “wring out” the foam, because wet foam is very heavy and tears very easily. Leave it in a dry place. It might take a couple days to completely dry out, but when it does, it should be good as new.

(note: adding a waterproof liner would eliminate the need to ever clean the foam)