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Are you searching for the best means of training your dog? Look no further! Miriam Fields’ complete training system in this one package. You receive the book Click and Easy: Clicker Training for Dogs, which details how to train your dog using positive reinforcement methods, as well as how to use the Comfort Trainer Head Halter and Freedom Harness to achieve your goals. No training kit would be complete without a matching Double Clip lead and a deluxe treat pouch which features a poop bag dispenser and pop out water dish.

When making your purchase choose the size and color and all training tools will match your choice. A few caveats: We have red, olive and black Double Clip Leads. And only black in 1/2″ Double Clip leads for dogs under 25 pounds. If you order a Comfort Trainer sized 1 or 2, you will automatically receive a black 1/2″ Double Clip Lead with it. When purchasing a tan or blue Comfort Trainer, your Double Clip Lead will be black. When purchasing a pink Comfort Trainer, your Double Clip Lead will be red.

Purchasing these products as a kit gives you a 10% price break, overall. Get everything you need to train your dog and save money in the process.

The Comfort Trainer is sized by the dog’s weight.

Size 1: 5 – 10 Pound Dogs
Size 2: 11 – 25 Pound Dogs
Size 2 Thin: 11 – 25 Pound Dogs with short noses
Size 3: 26 – 55 Pound Dogs
Size 4: 56 – 80 Pound Dogs
Size 5: 81 – 110 Pound Dogs
Size 6: 110 – 150 Pound Dogs
Size 6+: Dogs over 150 Pounds


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Below are testimonials from dog training professionals who use, sell and recommend Comfort Trainer and our head halter accessories.

We love the comfort trainer for certain dogs – all small-medium dogs and large dog pullers.  We do not often use it with aggressive large breed dogs.  Honestly the owners don’t think it is sturdy enough (perception is our reality).  That said, it just the best fit in some dogs regardless of size or breed-type.

Julia (Julie) Albright MA DVM DACVB
Nelle Wyatt LVMT CPDT-KA
Animal Behavior Clinic
University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center
Knoxville TN 37996
p. 865-974-8387
f. 865-974-3926

“I’ve tried pretty much all the halters out there, and have found the
Comfort Halter to be the most comfortable for the dog.  It’s easy to fit
and easy to put on and take off.   I heartily recommend it for all dogs who
need that extra bit of control.”

Trish King, CPDT, CDBC

I have long been a fan of the Comfort Trainer Head Collar.  I think it is far superior to the Gentle Leader (which I think is mis-used by many pet owners and trainers who keep them very tight, for extra control).  I have had personal experience with the GL wearing the fur from dogs’ faces, and have seen this with clients’ dogs (and my own) even when the collar is used appropriately.  The flat nylon material is very abrasive.  I’ve also used a Halti, but it too uses abrasive flat nylon material in its construction and does not come in as many sizes as it might, to fit a wide range of dogs’ face shapes.  The Comfort Trainer is particularly appropriate for brachycephalic dogs, while other head halters risk eye injury to “smoosh faced” dogs. I used the Comfort Trainer for nine year with Luca, he never fussed with it on, because he found it comfortable, while he hated the GL and and I hated it because it destroyed the fur on his face even when I lined it with moleskin.  Luca was a puller from day one, until the day he died, when he was the slightest bit aroused (which was most of the time) he pulled.  I could never have worked him in public without a head collar of some sort.   The Comfort Trainer is made with rounded braided material that is soft.  Nate, at 18 months, has worn a GL all his life and still fusses at it.  I’ve switched him over to a Comfort Trainer, and he seems much more content with it, although some fussing still occurs, most likely out of habit.  Like the design of the Halti, the Comfort Trainer can’t be dragged off the nose by a frustrated dog’s paws.  It comes with two different buckle options.  I prefer the model that has both a tongued buckle, and a quick release buckle.  It allows me to fit the collar to his face with the tongued buckle and then use the quick release for easy off and on. When I bought my first Comfort Trainer, I thought it was expensive, by comparison to other head collars on the market, and set myself to a short-lived experiment; I decided to make one myself, copying the design of the CT.  Eight hours and a very crude approximation later, I decided that the Miriam Fields-Babineau, the designer and manufacturer, had earned every penny she received for her efforts. She used to make every Comfort Trainer herself, but  now has a manufacturer who creates her stock.

Barbara Handelman
M.Ed, CDBC, Certified Behavior Consultant, IAABC Member #056 Norwich, Vermont, 802 649-5213   “Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook” DVD Creator:  “Clicker Train Your Own Assistance Dog” Blog:


While I have always understood the value of the head halter I was unable to utilize them because I had issues with both the Halti collar and the Gentle Leader.  My friend Karen [Lanoue-Lambrecht] told me about a head halter called the Comfort Trainer and it’s become one of my favorite training tools.  The Comfort Trainer is hand made and perfectly serves the function of helping dogs learn to walk cooperatively with their humans.  It most resembles a horse’s halter which is what the head halter is supposed to do.  I have yet to see a dog who had a significant problem with the CT and I’ve put them on dogs from Lab’s to Bernese Mountain Dogs to Brittany Spaniels.  When I’m working with a dog who needs to learn to respect the leash and the person on the other end of their leash the CT is my first thought.  The fact that the dog is never over corrected by the CT is a huge advantage as well as the fact that each CT is fitted perfectly for the dog who is wearing it so it does not slip or have the fit change as the dog wears it.
My issue with the Gentle Leader is that due to the constantly cinched nature of the device around the dog’s muzzle the dog is being corrected the entire time the GL is on the dog.  This removes the dog’s ability to make the right choice which inhibits the dogs ability to learn.  From my perspective, the best part of training a dog or working with a dog is seeing them learn and capturing their break through moments.  I do not like any form of over restriction when working with dogs, young or old.  I have never met a dog that needed constant correction.
It’s not ‘the answer’ for every dog but no training tool is.
Emily Rogeness
Peabody, MA
Professional Dog Trainer

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Size (comfort trainer guide)

1, 2, 2 Thin, 3, 5, 6, 6+

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Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Tan