Coature Collection No. 91 Royal Jelly Coat Supplement



Made with only the finest ingredients, our Coature collection is specifically designed to work with your dogs’ coat and appropriate pH. Customized for your dog, depending on coat type, skin issues, and desired style, our unique formulations result in superior performance. Use the 3-step system – shampoo, conditioner, and grooming spray – to complete the ultimate well-being package for your dog. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the global shortage on pumps, Liters and Gallon sizes do not come with pumps at this time. Pump can be purchase on this website under Blankets and Things.

Description: No. 91 Royal Jelly Coat Supplement 1 Gallon– This daily food supplement is the secret weapon of professional dog show exhibitors to control shedding, promote new hair growth, and strengthen hair. The richly concentrated Royal Jelly contains remarkable amounts of proteins, lipids, and vitamins that promote the regeneration process. It is recommended for breeds that shed or have wispy, lifeless hair.

Not for sale or distribution in New Mexico. Bee products may cause an allergic reaction in some dogs.

Ingredients:  Canola oil, royal jelly, tocopherol

Directions: Shake well before use. Add to dog’s food daily, per recommended dose; (1-25 lbs – 1 tsp) (25-50 lbs – 2 tsps) (50+ lbs – 1 tbsp)